Review of Preacha!

Wanda Thomas Littles

I have never read a book quite like Preacha! Wanda Thomas Littles’ novel starts with a Tom Thumb wedding featuring 11-year-old Phillip “Preacha” Carver Jr. and his beautiful make-believe bride, Rita Prosser. The grand event takes place in the Shady Springs Missionary Baptist Church with church members and loved ones in attendance. Preacha possesses an extraordinary faith for a child of his age, but through that faith, many friends and relatives see God’s work at hand.

Littles writes in a unique genre of free verse that allows us to see this story come alive through the actual words of many different characters. In the same way, the twisting and turning of a variety of plots move us from suspense, to love, to tragedy and to humor. The characters, places, and events are drawn from the author’s own childhood, but it’s not her memoir. In Littles’ own words, it’s a “work of fiction steeped in a volatile era of change and challenge…during the peak of the Civil Rights Movement…” In Preacha!, we see a small

Book Cover

southern community of the 1960s as they experience the bias that comes not

only from without (whites), but also from within (the fair skinned and the very dark) their own people.

Throughout Preacha!, we see families living through injustices as they are strengthened by God’s mercy and grace. Littles’ use of cultural language and emotional wording brings us closer to the action and gets us involved with a “community of people who rose above ignorance and hatred to be something better.” The subtle Christian undertones culminate in lessons learned as to how God moves in the lives of His people.

Preacha! is a page turner and a must read for all who question if God has a plan.

Note: Be sure to check out Wanda Little’s website for a trailer of her book. For a special treat, scan to bottom of the Video Takes page to meet the Preacha! team.

Review by Judy Watters

Should we have to read profane books?


Who has not cursed?

But, does that mean that authors should only write books with profanity?  With pornography?  With graphic violence?

Shouldn’t we, the readers, be allowed our rights?

I think so.  But, I have attempted to read 20 books in the last year which had the ‘f-word’ in them.  Hundreds of blogs publicized by WordPress’ ‘Freshly Pressed’ page have been profane.

Do you long for good fiction without the sewage of our modern day?


How to become a top bloggger

Have you ever wondered about how the ‘famous’ bloggers make it into the big time?

They blog often, all the time, and they blog well.

And at some point in time, they begin to advertise.

1.  Often depends upon you.  If you can blog 8 times a day every day, you will gain more readership than if you blog once a month.

2.  They blog all the time.  Yes, they may take off for a month here and there.  But, they always come back to blogging.  And their readers know that.

3.  They blog well.  Yes, you will find many ‘freshly pressed’ bloggers who do not blog well.  But, the top bloggers do blog well.

4.  They do not please everyone.  They write to their audience.  And their audience is wanting to read this particular author, even if they disagree with him or her.

This is the same reason Rush Limbaugh has thousands of listeners (fans) who are very liberal.  They happen to like his particular style, and voice.  And the same is true of Rachel Maddow.

The same is true of your blog.

5.  Do not be overly and intentionally offensive.  Be fair.  If you are unnecessarily rude to someone who disagrees with you, even the your readers who disagree with you will usually return less.

I learned that from watching bullies in fifth grade on the play ground.

6.  Advertisement …. well, if the blog software you are using is truly designed for blogging, you will gain readership through their blog of the day feature.

WordPress deactivated their advertising of all blogs in favor of advertising their preferred readers.

For good or bad, this means you will probably pay for advertising at some point in your career.  However, before that happens, you can also guest blog for other people.  You can conduct interviews of other bloggers on your web site.  So, there are still traditional blogging methods to advertise your blog over time.

We hope you become a great (better) blogger, and influence the world around us for Jesus Christ.