I have encountered many of the ‘new’ Christians as I travelled.  And I realized, we really do need a few definitions.

You may not need the definitions.  But, I think they will help you as you read our reviews.  We come from the Traditional Christian Church.  Our definitions are Traditional, so you should already know them.

But, just in case.

Jesus was a real person.  He lived and died around 2,000 years ago in 33 A.D.  Roman history reported that his followers believed Jesus rose from the dead.  Roman Emperors knew this and feared the ‘cult’ of the Christians.

Christians believe Jesus was truly God.  We believe he created the Universe and everything in it, even angles and demons.  We believe Jesus rose from the dead and will return.  We should believe in the authority of the Bible and the Virgin Birth.

Christians have believed in Jesus just the same way modern Christians do for 2,000 years.  There has not been a ‘secret’ that needed to be hidden.

There have been opponents to Jesus the entire time.  And just as many ‘new’ Christians re-write history to justify their not practicing what Jesus taught, there were people 2,000 years ago outside of the Church teaching and writing false stories about Jesus.

Sin is rebelling against God.  Sin has consequences.  On this Earth, sin separates us from God and destines us to be judged in a harsh manner by God.

Faith in Jesus on this Earth is the way to restore our relationship with God.  We still face judgement for our sin.  Some will be judged severely, and others will be ‘singed.’

God created Marriage when he gave Eve to Adam.  All the cultures we know of practice religious ceremonies to consecrate marriages between a man and a woman.

God gave us Marriage to consecrate Family.  Every man should love his wife and children, because a wife and children are gifts from God himself.  Every woman should love her husband and children for the same reason.

Re-defining marriage and family to mean anything else is an attack upon the tradition of Marriage and Family which were given to mankind by God.

Christian Politics should symbolize Christians following Christ, not following party platforms.

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