If you read the perfect book, what would it be like?


What makes a book, well, ‘perfect?’

Is it the topic?

Is it the characters?

The plot?

Is character development more important to you than plot or characters?

Does it need action? Romance? Suspense? Is the genre important to you?

How about the theme, or the message behind the book?

Must the book be a ‘Christian book?’

I think everyone of us read differently. And because we read differently, there is a huge market for well written books.

But, I also think fewer writers today understand the dynamics of how a book attracts a reader than many of us readers understand it.

I used to read a book a day. Back when I was a slow reader, and before I broke my addiction.

One of the reasons breaking my addiction was so easy was the simple fact that it was terribly difficult to find good writers.

When you can read 30 books a month, you have to read more than one or even a dozen writers.

Asimov may have written 500 books, but most of his books were not very interesting to me, trust me, I thought he would last me at least a year.

Even some of the historic greats didn’t last me very long.

Good writers are difficult to find.

One of our focuses here will be helping other readers find good books, and good writers, to read.

We hope you enjoy the books!